HONOR Unveils 5G Experience Lab to Spur Its Leadership in 5G Technologies

Following the successful launch of the Kirin 990 processor Series, global smartphone brand HONOR unveils its 5G Experience Lab, which cements the brand’s leadership in 5G technologies as it sets out its vision and roadmap for the roll-out of 5G. It also teased the availability of HONOR Vera30 Series, the company’s first suite of handsets that are equipped with the Kirin 990 chipset and supports dual-mode 5G all-access network, which will be available in China from Q4 2019.

HONOR 5G Experience Lab: a roadmap for solutions that support all-access dual-mode 5G network

The HONOR 5G Experience Lab comprises a Communications Protocol Test Lab and features multiple zones that depict the future of 5G in everyday scenarios. In the Communication Protocol Test Lab, visitors will learn about the various global network standards that demonstrate the seamless connections between these networks. Furthermore, the lab can simulate the frequency ranges and bandwidths of carriers in different countries, allowing visitors to experience the seamless network transitions as if they are on international roaming. In addition to travel, HONOR also showcased the deployment and application of 5G in smart homes and gaming while showing how it optimizes 5G signals to ensure best-in-class 5G experiences for users. 

Top-quality HONOR 5G smartphones

The future roll-out of the 5G network will comprise both NSA (non-standalone network) and SA (standalone network), which means smartphones that work solely on NSA network will not be functional at locations that only support SA networks. Addressing this challenge, Xiong said: “At HONOR, we believe in creating products that bring real benefits and great experiences to our users. In order for 5G-enabled smartphones to operate seamlessly in the future, they must support the 5G dual-mode. We could have launched our first 5G-enabled smartphone in the first half of 2019 if we have chosen to launch an NSA network smartphone. Instead, we invested over USD100 million to develop devices that support both the SA and NSA network, ensuring that our users will experience the full benefits of 5G. This is the ultimate 5G solution.”

Upload & download speed on 4G (Left) and 5G (Right)


HONOR to win the 5G race with its “All-in-5G” technology

HONOR is at the forefront of the 5G race as it continues to leverage cutting-edge technologies to create innovative products. The development of HONOR Vera30 Series, the company’s first smartphone to support both NSA and SA architectures simultaneously to ensure all access, started a decade ago in 2009, when 4G was made commercially available. Here is a snapshot of its timeline:

  • May 2017: Huawei announced the release of 15 NAS (Non-Access-Stratum) for pre-commercial trial
  • May 2018: Huawei completed the first 5G phone call
  • January 2019: Huawei launched Balong 5000, the 5G multi-mode chipset
  • March 2019: Huawei completed the first 5G video call in 4K
  • 6 September 2019: Huawei launched Kirin 990, world’s first flagship 5G SoC chipset

Huawei has invested USD4 billion to innovation in the past decade. Today, Huawei accounts for 20% of all 5G patents globally, making it the leader in 5G capabilities for commercial use. It is the only manufacturer that is equipped with every component of 5G technology, including 5G core networks (integral network), 5G chips, and 5G terminals. Its integrated and comprehensive upstream and downstream technologies are set to bring leading 5G experiences to Huawei and HONOR smartphones.

“HONOR is committed to empowering individuals lead more connected and intelligent lives in the future 5G-enabled world,” added Xiong. “Our 5G Experience Lab is just the tip of the iceberg in our effort to expand on the potential of 5G technologies. In addition to the dual-mode 5G capability, HONOR Vera30 Series will also be equipped with other sought-after technologies like Augmented Reality (AR), 4K video quality and cloud applications to ensure a multi-dimensional 5G experience for the global youth.”

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