MG Motor India has launched the first Flagship Experience Store Activating the extensive network of 120 centers across India; Start booking Hector

First Underlining its commitment to redefine the entire car buying experience in India, MG (Morris Garage) Motor India today Gurugram of Sector 15 is a milestone Experian Center and announced the grand opening of a unique flagship store experience in itself.

Activate its extensive network of 120 centers across India, MG has already started booking for the first car -hector- company in opening the country’s flagship store with Indian dealers. The carmaker aims in India by September this year, the network expanded 250 centers. Customers can schedule a test drive for MG Hector nearest showroom June 12 K

MG’s first flagship store will operate sales operations, brand and it will not be a typical car showroom exactly. All “emotional of a fresh brand with automotive experience promises while store contemporary brand elements and sleek color palettes for visitors dynamism” Philosophy has been designed keeping in mind. On the front of the MG dealership on Aktiriyr is unique Fased grill in the shape of “Aptrnd Mountain”, which refers to the confluence of the heavens and the earth. Store has been shown to completely experience-first approach of the brand inside, which aims to fascinate all 5 senses of your potential customers through intelligent and creative elements.

MG Motor India Chairman and Managing Director Rajeev Chaba has required our first interaction with customers in creative and experiential environment, saying, “MG brand Commenting on the opening of the flagship store and as we started our journey in India There are, also creates a strong foundation. The traditional experience of buying car unique experience flagship store of its kind to be redefined, which will conform to the new generation of customers’ demands and needs. “

British heritage

To store well-known people is done by such a sign, as they welcome Big Ben, Union Jack, telephone booths and street lamps famous British cultural icons. All these have been incorporated into the design elements. MG History Wall strong relationship with Magna strip and Brickwork ie your home texture Brand UK and purifies. Many curated MG Memorabilia are also strategically entering around the door, which was conveying the last glimpses of the brand to visitors. On the other hand MG Karfe drinking coffee reminds it is the most important conversation. MG’s heritage as a premium car manufacturer in the past has been displayed as 1965 MG Midget.

LED Video Wall

So sleek and futuristic interior design reminiscent of the past itself, as well as underlining the MG’s offerings as the carmaker an era. A large video wall, the brand’s history of 36 connected TV and increase visitors to information about the vision of the future, he adds. The coming together of past and present represents the amalgamation of rich British heritage of MG, which is prepared for the future.

Engineering Corner

Store is also a section with various vehicle components – as “Engineering Corner” which has been revolutionary 48V display hybrid engine. In other sophisticated features as well, including a wide range of MG internet vehicles were also displayed.

Live vehicle Knfyugretr

Prospective customers can be up to Knfyugretr wall to define your own MG experience. The look, feel and accessories model of their choice with them before proceeding to customize, transmission type and may fuel variant. The biggest live Knfyugretr screen Knfyugretr wall on each screen of 55 inches and it was founded in 6-by -6 format (36 screens). This ensures a wide range of experience. Pursue its brand heritage is brought to next level by adding modern elements MG in-store customer experience.

New Corporate Office

As carmakers another step to demonstrate its long-term commitment to India has been a few weeks ago has established its new corporate headquarters in Gurugram, who launched the MG Hector. Self-owned property is located in the same building as the flagship store. “Queen’s Necklace” modern office space under the theme as a classic British road, nature and essence is designed to rebuild. MG India operations center, new office open work underscores the culture, cooperation and emphasize the brand innovation. New workspace company will bring together key values, which are based on the four pillars of the community, innovation, diversity and experience. 32 percent of the brand’s total workforce in India female professional, which is the highest for any Indian auto industry.

The company has total of Rs 150 crore on the facility, including company-owned flagship showroom on the ground floor. The building has received the “Indian Green Building Council LEED India 2011 Core & Shell – Platinum and Home V 2015-4-Star” Environmental certification.

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