Lenovo India Unveils Yoga Book 9i: Spotlighting Innovation in Unexpected Ways

In the realm of technology, innovation is a driving force that continuously shapes our lives, making the impossible possible and redefining the way we interact with the world. Lenovo, a leading global technology company, has consistently been at the forefront of groundbreaking advancements, and with the introduction of the Yoga Book 9i, they once again showcase their commitment to innovation. In this blog, we explore the marvels of the Lenovo Yoga Book 9i and how it spotlights innovation in unexpected and awe-inspiring ways.

First announced at CES 2023 and winning over 50 awards since launch, the highly anticipated convertible laptop hails a new chapter for Yoga, redefining the category with dual-screen versatility, multi-mode functionality, and superior entertainment capabilities.

The device’s sophisticated software designed by Lenovo, in collaboration with Microsoft, also enhances the user’s potential to work, learn, stream, create, and do light gaming. It allows smart writing and reading features as well as note-taking features for those who are learning from home. Providing an ultimate entertainment experience, the 13.3-inch 2.8K OLED PureSight displays with 100% DCI-P3 color accuracy and Dolby Vision® HDR deliver ultra-vivid colors, sharper contrast, and richer detail of the visuals. This is clubbed with Dolby Atmos® spatial audio and a 360-degree rotating sound bar featuring Bowers & Wilkins® speakers. It also comes in eco-conscious packaging with cushion materials, gift box, and an outer box all containing 100% recycled paper.

At this event, Lenovo also launched tailor-made devices for performance-focused content creators, Yoga Pro 7i/7, Yoga Slim 7i Carbon, Yoga 7i/7, and the refreshed Yoga Slim 6. These latest generations of Windows 11 Yoga laptops deliver impressive performance, incredible versatility, and easy mobility in a sleek and portable design. Highlighting the flagship features of the Lenovo Yoga portfolio, these new consumer devices offer innovative engineering for content creators and work-from-home users. Be it enhanced productivity, sleek chassis, portable, thin and light form factor, or extreme flexibility – users have a lot to choose from.

Dinesh Nair, Director – Consumer Business, Lenovo India said, “Lenovo’s Yoga is always transforming and purposefully innovating to pre-emptively cater to our audience’s requirements, and our latest devices prove just that. Our hero product of the year, the Yoga Book 9i comes with a unique set of capabilities designed to empower the creative minds to craft their own story. In fact, the entire refreshed Yoga range uniquely addresses the wide-ranging, multi-faceted digital and hybrid needs of modern content creators and on-the-go users, and enables them to achieve limitless possibilities.”


In a world that thrives on constant change and innovation, Lenovo, the global technology leader, has once again raised the bar with its latest range of Yoga laptops. Led by the showstopper Yoga Book 9i, this innovative consumer range sets a new standard for convenience and premium experiences. With its multifaceted and personalized technology, Lenovo presents a series of devices that cater to the diverse needs of modern users. In this blog, we delve into the extraordinary features of the Lenovo Yoga Book 9i and how it redefines innovation in unexpected and unparalleled ways.


1. A Revolutionary Dual-Screen Design:

The Yoga Book 9i takes center stage, boasting an ingenious dual-screen design that revolutionizes the laptop experience. This stunning 2-in-1 convertible is equipped with a 14-inch primary display and an additional 9.6-inch e-ink touchscreen on the lid. This e-ink screen opens up a realm of possibilities, allowing users to take notes, draw, or use it as a virtual keyboard. Seamlessly integrated with the Intel Evo platform, the dual-screen technology enhances productivity and multitasking like never before.

2. Power-Packed Performance:

Under the sleek and stylish exterior lies the heart of the Yoga Book 9i – the latest generation of Intel Core™ processors. With this powerhouse at its core, users can enjoy the full capabilities of a laptop combined with the versatility of dual screens. Whether it’s browsing the web across both displays, working on two files simultaneously, or watching a video while researching, the Yoga Book 9i delivers seamless performance without interruptions.

3. Flexibility Redefined:

True to the Yoga brand’s legacy, the Yoga Book 9i embraces versatility in every aspect. Its slim and lightweight form factor enables effortless switching between laptop, tablet, and tent modes. Ideal for hybrid workspaces and on-the-go usage, users can showcase presentations, control content, or take notes with ease. The device also comes with a detachable Bluetooth keyboard and the Lenovo-designed Smart Pen stylus, adding to its multi-tasking potential and empowering creativity.

4. Superior Entertainment and Immersive Experience:

The Yoga Book 9i aims to create an ultimate entertainment experience with its 13.3-inch 2.8K OLED PureSight displays. Boasting 100% DCI-P3 color accuracy and Dolby Vision® HDR, it delivers stunning visuals with ultra-vivid colors, sharper contrast, and richer details. Accompanied by Dolby Atmos® spatial audio and a 360-degree rotating sound bar featuring Bowers & Wilkins® speakers, users are immersed in a world of cinematic brilliance and exceptional sound quality.

5. Environmentally Conscious Design:

Lenovo’s commitment to sustainability is evident in the Yoga Book 9i’s eco-conscious packaging. Made with 100% recycled paper, the cushion materials, gift box, and outer box all contribute to reducing its environmental impact. With a focus on environmental responsibility, Lenovo demonstrates that innovation and eco-friendliness can go hand in hand.

The Yoga Book 9i starts at INR 2,24,999 and is available for Pre-Booking on lenovo.com and at Lenovo Exclusive stores starting today. Rest of the new Yoga devices start at INR 74,990 and are available for purchase at Lenovo.com and Lenovo Exclusive Stores now. Customers can also avail attractive offers of cashback up to Rs 10,000 on select credit cards, Product Exchange Bonus up to Rs 10,000 on exchange of old laptop along with attractive finance offers from leading financial institutions.

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