UC We-Media Reward Plan 2.0


UC will invest 30 million USD to support the We-Media content creators in India and Indonesia, to encourage them to create valuable, in-depth, interesting & original article for the UC readers & their fans. Through the joint efforts of our platform and the content creators, we’re expecting to build a positive, healthy environment for content.

“UC We-Media Reward Plan 2.0″ is an important milestone for UC News to build a local content ecosystem. This includes two services: Super 1000 and Ads Revenue Share.

Super 1000


In the ongoing year, UC News will select 1000 high quality We-Media creators in India & Indonesia, with a minimal payout of Rs 50,000 per month.


  1. Participation Conditions
  • The account needs to be registered on the platform for more than 30 days
  • The account should have more than 10 articles successfully published in the last 30 days
  • No plagiarism, low quality content or violation of local laws/ regulations records


If any contributor matches the above criterion, he/ she can apply on the official website.


  1. Reward Rules
  • Publish at least 20 original articles every month
  • Exclusiveness Clause- The above “original” article should be published exclusively on UC News
  • No plagiarism, low quality content or violation of local laws/ regulations records


Selected Super 1000 authors should adhere to the above conditions.


After receiving the application, we will review & give priority to the accounts that will focus on certain vertical categories while providing users with unique value and sharing of professional knowledge. The result will be shared within 20 working days. In case you’re not selected, you can submit the application after 30 days, again.


  1. Service-Enabled


The signed creators will have access to a series of complementary reward services, including priority response, online/ offline activities, priority in new feature closed test, personal brand building etc.


Platform development benefits together. Those who meet the following conditions can apply for the program through our official website:

  • Account has been registered for more than 7 days
  • Successfully publish at least one article
  • At least 1 article has PV more than 2000


Ad Revenue Share Incentive mechanism


UC We-Media Program will give priority to those creators who focus on the creation of high-quality content, with the higher percentage of the share as well.


We-Media creators can participate in both the programs:  [Super 1000] and [Ads Revenue Share], but we’ll only take the higher income model into credit monthly. UC News will choose the plan according to account performance, while the following criteria of the creators will have a higher probability of selection:


  1. Update account daily, creating at least 20 articles per week
  2. Insist on original and unique content rather than copied content
  3. Insist on the creation of valuable, meaningful, in-depth, interesting content
  4. Persist in the same vertical field (content category) continuously, with focus & perfection;
  5. In-depth understanding of your fans/ readers preferences and continue to create content to meet the needs and choice of fans
  6. Exclusive release of content on UC News
  7. Adhere to a healthy operation, to ensure the legitimacy of the content shared. Practices such as unethical publication of illegal, unhealthy, fraud, infringement, improper marketing and other content will terminate [Super 1000]. If you are already on the selection list, the bonus is automatically void and cannot be extracted



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