Top 3 Apps to sort your holiday season


Travelling is an incredible experience. Whether you are an individual looking forward to spending your next vacation or a Traveller waiting to explore new places in search of beauty, culture, and heritage, travel planning is highly essential. Nowadays, by using your smartphone smartly, you can easily plan your holiday to an unknown or unvisited place. Travel planning has been further made a lot easier with several available apps. These apps offer interesting inputs and insights in terms of the must-visit places, must-have dishes, and other ‘to-do’ things related to the destination of your choice, without burning a hole in your pocket.

Listed below are the best 3 apps that will help you better plan your travel and are easily on international destinations.

available on the App Store/Google Play:-

1.  Make My Trip


As one of the most popular travel portals, Make My Trip has its own app as well. Apart from booking flight/bus tickets and finding packages, the app also provides information on several heritage destinations in India, along with photographs. You can also do a search for specific properties and book hotels. With this app, you will never be stuck at any place. Good thing is that you will also get discount if you book a combo of flight and hotels to a destination. You can also find coupons online to get further discounts

2.  TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor is an app that advises you for your best trip. It lets you search destinations, flights, hotels, and restaurants. It is popular because it offers the best user reviews at once place. You can read customer reviews to decide the destination, flight, hotel, and restaurant of your choice.

3.  Cleartrip

Once you reach your destination, Cleartrip guides you in selecting the must-visit places and activities to do there. The ‘Cleatrip Activities’ section updates the travelleron the destination’s cultural and social implications and available sightseeing options. It also helps you to plan your itinerary. This tour planner app also has a section to find weekend getaways and you can refer to the same to plan a trip to the best places around you, every weekend.


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