OPPO Launches the new Selfie Expert F3 Plus with Dual Front Camera


OPPO Launches the new Selfie Expert F3 Plus with Dual Front Camera,

Kick starting the ‘Group Selfie’ Trend

With a First-ever 120°Wide-Angle Front Camera

The ever-evolving global smartphone brand OPPO, kick started the ‘Group Selfie’ trend today by launching the new Selfie Expert F3 Plus, priced at Rs 30,990. The F3 Plus features the brand’s first dual front camera including a first-ever 120-degree wide-angle Group Selfie Camera. The F3 Plus First Sale begins from 1st April 2017 across India. It will also be available in OPPO online stores on Flipkart, Amazon and Snapdeal. The pre-order starts from today till 31st March 2017.

OPPO’s New Brand Ambassador, youth icon and Bollywood superstar– Deepika Padukone and Renowned Photographer – Dabboo Ratnani also shared their own selfie experience with OPPO F3 Plus during the event.


OPPO F3 Plus delivers great selfie photos through the revolutionary dual selfie front cameras: a 16-megapixel camera for selfie and a 120-degree wide-angle lens for group selfie. The rear camera is co-developed with Sony, equipped with a customized IMX398 sensor for serious photography. The F3 Plus is a high-end smartphone that is efficient, long-lasting, secure and beautiful, addressing today’s highly-demanding mobile-first world.

“OPPO is an industry leader in the Selfie Revolution with the recent ‘Selfie Experts’ F-series. Our brand has been growing rapidly across Southeast Asia and other regions around the world. As per the GFK data, we became the No.2 smartphone brand in India offline market last year. The dual selfie camera F3 Plus marks a new ‘Group Selfie’ trend, and reinforces our position as the Selfie Expert,” said Sky Li, Global VP & President of OPPO India.


Take selfie with Deepika Padukone and Dabboo Ratnani

At the event OPPO announced its new brand ambassador – the youth icon and Bollywood superstar Deepika Padukone. Deepika Padukone shared her experience of how excited she is to be a part of the OPPO family and kick start the ‘Group Selfie’ trend with the OPPO F3 Plus. “It’s amazing to see the way OPPO has identified the nerves of the Indian youth and the trend – Selfies. Wherever I go, I find people taking selfies. I’m excited that I have also joined the wagon!” said Deepika Padukone. OPPO also shared the new TVC at the launch event.

The renowned photographer – Dabboo Ratnani, also shared his experience in associating with the F3 Plus and how he is looking forward to use the great technology that OPPO F3 Plus offers and which takes selfies a notch further.



Remarkable Wide-Angle & Dual Front Selfie Camera Define the Next Expert-Class Photography

Set to be the next ultimate ‘Selfie Expert’, the F3 Plus features dual front selfie camera. The 16-megapixel front camera builds upon the technology offered by the previous ‘Selfie Expert’ F1s. At the core of this camera is a 1/3-inch sensor, which helps increase light exposure and clarity of images. The large f/2.0 aperture allows for great depth-of-field effects – clear foreground focus matched with the perfect amount of background blurriness.

In becoming the ‘Group Selfie’ secret weapon, the F3 Plus has a specialized 120-degree wide-angle 8MP camera which captures a wider view, up to 105 percent more than a regular 80-degree lens field of view. This allows even more people to enter the frame with minimized lens distortion, thanks to the 6P camera lens.

With the built-in Smart Facial Recognition, the F3 Plus will notify users to switch to ‘Group Selfie’ mode if there are more than three people in the frame. Users can snap their Group Selfie at ease, without compromising image stability when taking selfie with one hand.


The outstanding rear camera offers high-quality photography performance with fast focusing speed, noise reduction and advanced low-light performance. Powering the 16-megapixel rear camera is a brand-new 1/2.8-inch IMX398 sensor. This sensor is jointly developed by OPPO and Sony, which features Dual PDAF – dual phase detection autofocus technology. This new technology doubles the sensor’s pixel array area where the photodiodes are embedded, necessary for phase detection autofocus. This makes for 40 percent faster focusing speeds even in low light. Paired with the large f/1.7 aperture, the resulting images are clear and breathtaking.

Long battery endurance and VOOC flash charge

Extended daily usage is another of the device’s core features. The 4,000 mAh built-in battery gives the F3 Plus endurance of more than 17 hours in simulation test of real use. Through OPPO’s proprietary and industry leading rapid VOOC Flash Charge Solution, the battery will charge four times faster than standard batteries. Users can get up to 2 hours of talk time with just 5 minutes of charging.


A Flawless Smartphone Experience

The OPPO F3 Plus is fast, utilizing an octa-core processor backed by 4GB RAM and 64GB ROM. It also offers a dual-slot card tray that can hold two Nano 4G SIM cards or one Nano SIM card with a microSD card, expanding memory to up to 256GB. OPPO’s leading optimized ColorOS 3.0 system ensures superb speed with reduced energy consumption and flawless performance with built-in Privacy Protection feature and virus scanner.


Privacy protection and security is also a top priority. The F3 Plus’ Lightning-Fast Touch Access is undoubtedly one of the quickest in the market. The home-button fingerprint reader in the F3 Plus unlocks the phone in a mere 0.2s. The fingerprint reader is even more versatile with the fingerprint-activated calling and app launch functions.


Users can enjoy the flexibility to multi-task and ‘work hard, snap hard’, all on one smartphone – seamlessly, securely, with a long battery life.

Stunning Design and Exquisite Craftsmanship

The F3 Plus is constructed with a metal unibody and carefully crafted for a better sense of hand-gripping, resulting in a sleek and thin smartphone that is a wonder to hold. The 6-inch, 2.5D Corning Gorilla Glass 5 screen features a pre-applied protective screen coating, giving it an elegant, classy and premium look while retaining unmatched durability.


The ‘Six-String’ ultra-fine antenna is a design rethought by OPPO, removing the ubiquitous, thick pair of white antenna lines seen in previous smartphone models, and gives the back shell a stunning look.


Amazing Colors & Competitive Pricing

The F3 Plus comes in Gold and Black. Priced at Rs 30,990, the Gold variant of the F3 Plus will be available from 1st April 2017 both online and offline. It will be available in OPPO stores across India and online stores on Flipkart, Amazon and Snapdeal. The pre-order starts from today till 31st March 2017. OPPO is also giving a special gift pack for all pre – orders purchases made both online and offline. There is also a Black color variant for the F3 Plus which will be available later.


Key Features Breakdown


  • Outstanding All-round High Quality Photo-taking Experience


  • Selfie Expert
  • Dual Front Selfie Camera
  • For the Group Selfie: 6P, 120°Wide-angle Camera

The industry-first 6P, 8MP camera with 120-degree wide angle allows an increased 105% field-of-view for Group Selfie, compared with regular camera. More subjects can be captured easily. Image distortions are minimized and corner shading is lessened with the 6P lens and image optimization software. It is a perfect fit for Group Selfie, and the Smart Facial Recognition can intelligently recognize your Group Selfie moments and suggest to the user to switch lens.


  • For the Selfie: 16 MP Front Camera

The front-facing camera applies a 76.4° wide-angle view. The large f/2.0 aperture increases the amount of light entering the camera. Meanwhile, the high dynamic range prevents noise and captures photos with vivid depth and detail. All said, the F3 Plus produces exceptionally clear and bright images.


  • The ‘Double’ Selfie Fun


  • Beautify 4.0

Beautify 4.0 is an indispensable feature that has been upgraded based on studying hundreds of user scenarios. With multiple Beautify levels and upgraded photo-processing algorithms, Beautify 4.0 is optimized to capture Selfie photos with bright, clear skin, vivid eyes and striking features. It has been carefully designed to highlight beauty, but never at the expense of looking natural.


The Beautify 4.0 Southeast Asia Upgrades gives a natural and smooth complexion of the skin, clearing out any imperfection or blemishes. Beautify 4.0 will give clear-cut facial contours with adjustable tone, shadows, lights, etc. Users can decide to touch up the Selfie, to make images look vigorous and radiant; leave them as plain as nature. There are various filters available for all scenarios you can imagine. A research study has shown that certain facial features can bring about a more sociable, trustworthy or adorable representation of the subject.


  • Selfie Panorama: With a few turns of the wrist, users can take extra-wide 120° front-facing photos with the 16MP camera, and seamlessly combine three photos into one, ensuring the whole party gets into the shot.


  • Screen Flash: OPPO F3 Plus has upgraded the Screen Flash function. It now includes an auto mode, which automatically selects the appropriate brightness level for your surroundings.


  • Palm Shutter: By waving your hand in front of the camera, the F3 Plus activates an automatic selfie countdown, leaving you free to get your shot just right and avoid any shakes caused by pressing the shutter button.


  • Filters: The F3 Plus has various filters and watermarks, allowing for endless creativity and fun, without the need to download any third-party apps,


  • Expert Photography


  • 16 MP rear camera with Dual PDAF


The F3 Plus is shipped with a 16MP rear camera that is complemented with an IMX398 sensor and a large f/1.7 aperture. The IMX398 was co-developed with Sony. The IMX398 and f/1.7 big aperture allows 100 percent more light to reach the sensor, added with the Dual Phase Detection Auto-focus (Dual PDAF) technology that contribute to a 40 percent faster focusing speed.


The F3 Plus rear camera overcomes the two shortcomings of smartphone photography - blurred or out-of-focus images in normal conditions, or images with too much noise and dim effects in night/low-light conditions.


  • Professional Pixel Player


  • The Expert Mode lets users hone in on every detail of their photography, offering adjustment of shutter speed, focus, white balance and ISO, along with a leveling gauge and more.
  • Ultra-HD shoots four photos consecutively and combines the best parts of each to make one 50-MP, ultra-high-definition image. With Ultra-HD, you can capture life in all its beautiful detail.
  • Double Exposure takes two photos and overlaps them in the final image, bringing endless possibility for creative juxtapositions and gags.
  • Super GIF instantly creates GIFS that can be played forward or backward.


  • ColorOS 3.0


ColorOS 3.0 is highly responsive, providing faster, smoother, energy-saving and steadier performance.


  • Tidy UI: With a flat, simple design language, ColorOS 3.0 has a tidy and refreshing new look, and significantly reduces the phone’s built-in image library for increased efficiency and speed.
  • Speed: System speed has been boosted by 25 percent compared to ColorOS 2.0 with the Home screen loading speed increased by 35 percent, and installation speed for popular apps increased by 41 percent.
  • Power Saving: ColorOS 3.0 automatically manages background apps and their power usage, saving battery while ensuring fluid performance. Users can also customize the list of managed apps.
  • Privacy Protection: Users can easily designate any contact, apps or files as private. When the feature is activated, all files will be hidden automatically. So, when the user lends the phone to a friend or colleague, it can be shared without worry.
  • Security: The F3 Plus features a virus scanner powered by Avast, to provide industry-leading security protection.
  • Eye Protection: OPPO’s eye protection feature filters the blue light of the screen to protect your eyesight and preserves your natural sleep cycle.
  • Long Screen Captures: Long screen captures are great for saving a lengthy chat history or article.


  • Photography At its Best


  • Power Management Solution

The 4000mAh long-life battery and the Micro USB 4.0A VOOC Charge Mini, an invention by OPPO, allows you to have 2 hours talk time with just 5 minutes charging. Meanwhile, as mentioned above, the ColorOS 3.0 manages power consumption, to keep you cruising through the day. In OPPO’s simulated test conditions, the F3 Plus lasted 16 hours and 45 minutes.


  • A Snappy Platform

4 GB RAM and the Octa-core 1.95GHz on Qualcomm MSM8976 Pro platform brings excellent processing power for the camera phone.


  • Dual Nano 4G SIM and Extendable Storage starting from 64GB

With the dual-slot tray, users can throw in two separate 4G SIM cards, or a memory card of up to 256 GB, helping to achieve work-life balance and giving plenty of flexibility in talk and data plans. If users expand the F3 Plus 64 GB of onboard storage by 128 GB, they’ll have enough space for at least 50,000 photos.


  • Lightning-fast fingerprint recognition

The F3 Plus uses front-facing fingerprint recognition, which is able to recognize a fingerprint and unlock the phone in only 0.2 seconds. The fingerprint recognition system also refines its image of the user’s fingerprint over time, making for an increasingly efficient and smooth unlock process.


  • Fingerprint-activated calling and app launch

You can assign up to five different fingerprints to different applications and contacts. By using different fingers to unlock your phone, the app or phone call will start automatically.



  • Sleek design


  • Look

The F3 Plus features a 6 inch 2.5D Corning® Gorilla® Glass 5 screen, with a pre-applied protective screen coating, giving a premium look without sacrificing premium durability. The six-string antenna flow across the phone’s aluminum alloy back, giving it a sleek, effortless distinction.


  • Frame

With a micro-arc frame, the F3 Plus fits in your hand perfectly no matter how you hold it. The hand-fit/finger-fit micro-arc frame design lowers the risk of slipping, with smooth touch feel. The varying angles of the metal body frame are the result of scientifically combining visual design with physical touch. The 6-string antenna fits the unibody metal body and with a pursuit for perfection.


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