With scientific and technological innovation to open the future wisdom era, the HONOR Smart Screen leads the industry’s new direction

HONOR and Jingdong and the China Electronic Video Industry Association jointly convened a new category communication meeting on the theme “Enabling the Future Smart Era” in Beijing to jointly announce the launch of a brand-new large-screen category, Smart Screen, this indicates that the large-screen industry will enter the smart screen era from the traditional TV era. Zhao Ming, President of HONOR, said at the communication meeting that the HONOR Smart Screen is not TV but the future of TV. HONOR will make smart screens like mobile phones, accelerate the future evolution of the TV industry with technological innovation, and make the smart screen a home emotional center.

At the communication meeting, Jingdong announced that the new smart screen category will be launched in the near future, becoming an independent category with tablet TVs. HONOR also announced that the first product of the new category, HONOR Smart Screen, will be officially released in early August.

New user experience: Innovative Technology Enables Smart Screen to Become a Home Affective Center

With the emergence of new smart screen categories, mobile phones and smart screens will become the two centers of smart life. The mobile phone is still the personal center of the user, while the smart screen is the center of the family emotion. The Smart Screen will take on more roles in the home, not only the video and entertainment center of the family, but also the information sharing center, control management center, and multi-device interaction center.

Once, TV is one of the most important screens in the family scene. It is the center of the family and the entrance for people to find the world and obtain information. However, after nearly 100 years of development, the traditional television industry seems to enter the bottleneck period, the status of television in the family is gradually replaced. In particular, with the birth of smartphones, continuous and rapid innovation enables mobile phones to become the center of personal life and the focus of the whole society. However, the presence of TVs is becoming smaller and smaller.

As a leading innovator in the mobile phone industry, HONOR now needs to bring more scientific and technological innovation power and ideas into the large-screen industry. HONOR hopes that the smart screen can become a home center again. It uses self-developed chips, AI deep learning, performance acceleration, sensor technology, IoT layout, and other innovative technologies to build up a trend of technology and life for young people. At the communication meeting, Zhao Ming said that the smart screen is not television, but the future of television, it will become the new center of the family, the family to pull back to the living room.

Industry new enlightenment: Smart screen will bring great imagination to the industry.

Looking back on the development of the traditional TV industry, although the products are evolving from form to function, the industry is still at the basic technology level and has not touched the fundamental concept. This has caused the industry to suffer from the vicious competition of homogeneity and price war. This time, Huawei and other industry partners, such as Jingdong, launched a brand new category “smart screen” that is separated from traditional TV, breaking the restrictions on large-screen categories, redefining industry boundaries, and making people see more possible changes based on fundamental changes.

In the mobile phone industry, mobile phones become the focus of people’s lives and become a focus product of the whole society. Because of continuous and rapid technological innovation, mobile phones are developed from functional phones and smartphones to smart phones, meeting the growing demands of users and bringing more imagination. Now, HONOR will make smart screens like mobile phones. With the continuous accumulation of innovation and technology, HONOR will accelerate the evolution of TV, create a future smart era of TV, and promote the entire industry upgrade.

For the exploration of new smart screen categories, HONOR has always adhered to the attitude of “openness, enablement, and innovation”. Zhao Ming once again emphasized that HONOR’s entry into the large-screen domain will not turn it into a sea of blood. Instead, it will consider bringing value to the industry and use technological innovation to improve and improve the industry. In addition to becoming a new center of the family, with the development of computing capability, interaction capability, communication capability, information processing capability, and perception capability, there is still great imagination in the future application scenario of the smart screen.

The birth of each new category is the beginning of a new era, and the creation of new categories is often inseparable from technological innovation. As a young technology brand, HONOR has been committed to promoting and leading the technology era through breakthrough innovation. In 2016, HONOR Magic pioneered the smart phone era, allowing users to see the strength of HONOR in technological innovation and leading the development direction of the mobile phone industry. In 2019, the new category of smart screen will upgrade the TV industry and open the next era of the big screen industry. The HONOR Smart Screen, which will be officially released in early August, will surprise users and the industry.

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