This Mother’s Day choose a gift from Panasonic that will best suit your mother’s unique taste

She picks you up whenever you fall; your first friend, confidante and guide, if there is one person whose presence in life is synonymous with Love, it’s our Mothers. With Mother’s day just around the corner, Panasonic helps you to plan the day a tad better by guiding you to that perfect gift, that fits just right and makes her feel extra special. Bring a smile on her face by bringing home Panasonic’s exciting range of home appliances, hair styling accessories, headphones, and grooming products.

Give her a ‘good hair day always’ gift with Panasonic’s Hair Styling products

Hair Dryer EH-NE20: Give her a makeover every day with this all-in-one ultimate tool that can be used for drying hair and mastering creative hairstyles at home with ease. Head for that perfect Mother’s day lunch after your mother creates that perfect look for the day.  Priced at Rs 2,670


Hair Styler EH-KA81: Let her hair down and make her feel beautiful with this all-purpose hair-styler. A two-way device with four versatile attachments – siliconized brush, slim roller brush, blow dry brush and nozzle –that can be used interchangeably, it delivers excellent results and lots of compliments. Priced at Rs 3365


Bring home happiness with Panasonic’s Home appliance range!

Panasonic Convection Microwave Oven NN CT364B: Let her have the cake and eat it too! This Mother’s day, cook for her with Panasonic’s Microwave oven whose advanced technology, enhanced functions and premium design features, ensure to deliver perfectly cooked food while making cooking incredible fun! Priced at Rs 13,190


Nothing improves one’s mood like a new manicure! Pamper her with Panasonic’s Daily care kits

Daily Nail care kit: Bring manicure home and give a touch of magic to her fingertips. This single gadget gives a perfect shape, buff, groom, and finish to the nails. Priced at Rs. 2,395


This one’s for the fitness enthusiast moms out there!

Bluetooth Sport Headphones RP-BTS50GC: Make our efforts on staying fit easier with Panasonic’s wireless headphones, which offer premium sounds. This will come in handy when she goes for a run or a swim, and if she doesn’t, encourage her to keep herself fit. A Bluetooth function eliminates cables and IPX4 waterproofing repels sweat and water, and its blue edge LED adds safety by lighting. Priced at Rs. 8,499. 


This Mother’s day, live it Queen size!

Home theatre System EX600 and UA7: This one’s for those perfect movie nights after a long and tiring day and who deserves it better than our mothers? Make her feel extravagant with the Panasonic home theater system. The sound system provides an excellent combination of sound and visuals. Priced at Rs. 78,900


G7 & G85 Camera:  Gift your mother the power of memories that can be cherished for a lifetime with Panasonic’s G7 & G85 cameras. Equipped with 4K video recording and editing capabilities, the techy and photographer inside her would absolutely treasure this.  Priced at Rs. 53,990 and Rs. 72,990 respectively.

Panasonic Seekit: Looking for ways to keep your mother’s belongings safe? Panasonic Seekit is the right product for your mother. An IoT based utility product- Panasonic Seekit empowers the user to simply tag their valuables, connect to the Seekit smartphone app and find them without any hassle. The device uses IoT to safeguard valuables through Panasonic’s smartphone app while harnessing the power of Bluetooth. Seekit Edge priced at INR 1599 and Seekit Loop priced at INR 1299.

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