PayPal brings to India frictionless payments experience; launches One Touch powered by Google Smart Lock

PayPal India, today, launched its popular OneTouch experience in India using Google Smart Lock. This allows Indian consumers to register their Android device with PayPal and enables them to stay logged into the platform for all subsequent PayPal purchases on that device. The feature now removes the hassle of repeatedly needing to log in and thereby offering a frictionless payments experience.  Consumers once logged in will still need to go through the 2FA step to complete the transaction as per applicable regulations.


With One Touch, consumers will no longer have to retrieve their credit and debit card details to make purchases on their smartphones. The integration with Google Smart Lock will enable greater convenience while maintaining security, by keeping their phones or tablets locked when it is not with them and thereby reducing the possibility of fraud.


Speaking at the launch, Narsi Subramanian, Director, Growth, PayPal India stated, “As payment systems evolve, it is essential for the platforms to simplify the process and render better user experiences for consumers while paying online. At the same time, it is critical that customers feel secure in making their transactions as well.   The One Touch feature along with Google Smart Lock addresses both of the above and aligns with our vision of offering a frictionless payments experience.”


India will be the first market where the feature will be integrated Google Smart Lock.


Quote from Kishore Konakanchi, Head of Product & Engineering, PayPal India, said “Our vision in India is to enable a convenient and safe payments experience for merchants and consumers. When consumers link their Google and PayPal accounts, it eliminates the need to re-enter passwords and thereby offering a faster check-out experience. Managing risk is PayPal’s secret sauce which has defined success for us across 200 markets over two decades.


PayPal connects a global network of buyers and sellers on its open payment’s platform. The company’s global reach and scale enables PayPal to have powerful insights into the online and mobile requirements of digital consumers and businesses around the globe.


The Indian government’s recent push towards digital payments has also led PayPal to partner with Government and state-owned banks on a number of initiatives including digital financial literacy programme and eTourist Visa (eTV).

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