Samsung Launches Advanced Rugged Tablet – Galaxy Tab Active2 in India

Samsung, the country’s most trusted consumer electronics and mobile phone brand, today announced the launch of its rugged Tablet – Galaxy Tab Active2 in India. The MIL-STD-840G certified (military standard for ruggedness) device is equipped with innovative capabilities such as Enhanced Touch, Pogo Pin, Replaceable Battery, rugged
S Pen (IP68) and biometric authentication, which ensure seamless workflow for mobile workforce under tough conditions. The Defense grade Knox security platform helps keep sensitive information safe against malware and hackers, while Biometric Authentication allows secured access of information.

The Galaxy Tab Active2 is protected against vibrations, accidental shocks and drops, and rain and dust, can remain 1.5-meter underwater for 30 minutes. It can take extreme temperatures inside and outside (storage -40°C to 80°C, operating -20°C to 71°C). The IP68 certification enables the user to access and work even in rainy or inclement weather conditions.

Samsung’s latest rugged tablet – Galaxy Tab Active2 will redefine mobility solutions which are available for businesses in India. Armed with innovative capabilities, our devices are robust, dependable and purpose-built to fit their specific needs of on-site operations. The product will suit the demands of field professionals across sectors like defence, law enforcement, transportation, e-commerce, logistics, manufacturing and many others by allowing the field managers to oversee the operations digitally. Galaxy Tab Active2 would meet their expectations with perfection,” said Mr. Sukesh Jain, Senior Vice President, IT & Mobile Enterprise Business, Samsung India.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab Active2 addresses many rugged demands and provides a sturdy device that is easy to manage from an IT perspective, and deliver features and accessories specifically designed to improve mobile workflows beyond the scope of typical office use,” he added.

Fit for tough environments

The MIL-STD-810G military-grade and IP68 certification allows the device to withstand 21 elements in salt fog, settling dust, blowing dust, icing, blowing rain, dripping rain, immersion, humidity, vibration, ballistic shock, transit drop, low-temperature storage, low-temperature operation, high-temperature storage (constant), high-temperature storage (cyclic), high-temperature operation (constant), high-temperature operation (cyclic), temperature shock, temperature, humidity, vibration, altitude, low-pressure storage, and low-pressure operation.

The tablet has 4,450mAh battery which once discharged could be easily replaced with another one. It also comes with an anti-shock cover that keeps the device from accidental drops and shocks, making it truly dependable. The POGO Pin connector could be used to connect and charge a group of devices all at once or to easily attach a laptop/ keyboard.

Advanced capabilities and features for enhanced performance

Galaxy Tab Active2 is water and dust-resistant with IP68 rating and can survive for half an hour
in 1.5 meter deep water. Sensors like NFC, Bluetooth, accelerometer, light proximity, gyroscope, geomagnetic, fingerprint, and facial recognition, help make even the toughest of tasks are seamlessly performed by the workforce. The Tablet can be used with gloves on by simply turning on the Glove Mode. With Enhanced Touch option, water and protective gear don’t interrupt the workflow and, rain and snow simply roll off the water-resistant screen. The augmented reality (AR) capabilities make the job smarter and faster.

Low cost of ownership and maintenance

The ruggedised Tablet – Galaxy Tab Active2 is expected to have a longer product lifecycle of more than 3 years than non-rugged tablets, which is 1 year in tough work environments. While the non-rugged tablet has a defect rate of 30% during the first year of usage, the rugged tablet has a proven defect rate of only 4%, which makes the cost of ownership and maintenance lower for the rugged tablets.

Device security

Knox is Samsung’s proprietary security platform built from the chip up for uncompromised protection and easy manageability. It keeps hackers out of the company’s database, securing it from the second it turns on. Knox Configure simplifies the out-of-box experience and enables a large range of configuration options in wallpapers, boot screens and many more. Facial recognition feature enables the users to unlock their tablets with just a look.

The wide range of sensors (Gyroscope, GPS, Magnetometer, RGB Light, Proximity, and Accelerometer) enables recording of data points across requirements by the government/corporates. The 4G LTE connectivity turns the device into computing device for all field and site operations. The AR (augmented reality) ready feature enables digital simulation of details like wiring, pipeline design, supervisory control, and data acquisition for pipelines/ relay stations to increase productivity.

Sectors like mining and refinery, manufacturing and construction could use it for on and off site planning and vendor scheduling. The device can also manage file timecards and daily reports from the field, or edit plans and drawings on the spot.

Price and Availability

The Samsung Galaxy Tab Active2 shall be available in India from Mid-March 2019 at a price of
INR 50,990.

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